Be a Lady, They Said // Our Thoughts

Be a Lady, They Said // Our Thoughts

In homage to Girls Girls Girls Magazine’s video ‘Be A Lady They Said’, narrated by Cynthia Nixon’s, a speech all should watch, we would like to take a moment to reflect on her words and also give you a little insight in how we try to be supportive of all; How we confront some of the pressures laid upon us as women. It all ultimately  boils down to kindness, but sometimes behaviours are so askew and ingrained in us all that it becomes somewhat normal.

It can be of much relief to take a moment and realise that if these ways don’t sit right with you, it’s ok. Selfcare is so important and it can be a wonderful, refreshing thing to take time over your appearance. However, selfcare and what you deem right for you varies so much. There is no right or wrong.  It is about cherry picking the things you like, throwing it all away or embracing it all. It’s about discovering what works for you (this can be a journey in itself) and sticking with it.

This is an ethos we stand very much behind in Frontiers. And on the ‘style’ side of things, it is an area we hope we can really help with. We very much believe dressing thoughtfully and in a manner which gives you confidence is extremely important (this is a given). However, what I think can be quite intimidating are some shopping experiences, the pressures of trends and critiquing yourself against ‘the perfect body’, which is all rubbish of course. As a shop we can help to soften these edges.

Firstly, going into independent shops can be a bit daunting and it absolutely shouldn’t be.  We completely get why this is and often (and ironically) we will avoid certain shops due to feeling out of place (usually when you actually get into the space, it’s all ok).

However, we try to create an environment which is welcoming in the layout and merchandising of the shop. You need to be able to have a good rummage and we encourage you to touch things. You need to have a good look at them, get to know them. You need to know that we are always here to help, but we are not watching you like a hawk. We trust you and you need to have your own space to figure out if the piece works for you.

We source clothes for the whole spectrum of women. No matter your shape, size or what you do in your world. We have things to make your look groovy, feel empowered and be comfortable in. This is the thing we like the most, having such diverse support from such interesting, independent and unique women.

We are all about dressing for yourself. Wear clothes that make you feel confident. So flipping what if you don’t suit the current ‘trend’, find your own.

Lastly, I think it’s just all about supporting each other. Being honest, yet positive to your fellow women. Shouting from the roof tops with the joy your girls give you. It can be a weird little world and all you can do to support each other is invaluable.

Be a Lady They Said from Paul McLean on Vimeo.