Buying Thoughtfully

Buying Thoughtfully

We thought we should write a quick blog about The Fashion Revolution campaign, which have recently had an ‘official week’.

The Fashion Revolution is all about buying items which you know are from a sustainable source, along with choosing high quality pieces that will look great for years to come. Simple.

Here is the run-down of three wonderful brands which embrace this concept you can find among our shelves:

Sandqvist Backpacks

Danish brand Sandqvist are real pioneers in creating a product which is considered and sustainable in every area of production. Their backpack designs are stylish, practical and super high quality (wonderfully Scandinavian). The core of there ethos evolves around three main features, being:

  • Using 100% organic cotton sources directly from the farmers
  • Using recycled fibres from post-consumer waste in all new synthetic materials
  • Hosting Sandqvist repair shops and redesigned re-collection which extends the life of their products

DL Jeans

The jean industry has a rich history of being very naughty in every aspect of the process. But not DL Jeans. They not only look great (they make your bum look magnificent!) but they also have a very sustainable ethos. Achieving this through:

  • Responsibly sourcing raw materials
  • Partnering with some of the world’s most socially responsible vendors
  • Optimising every step in the supply chain which significantly reduces the amount of water, energy and dye




British brand Sideline designs the most beautiful, contemporary collections and again use a very sustainable process. They source all their fabrics ethically and use a small factory in Istanbul, which specialises in supporting brands with small runs. This ensures the highest quality and care goes into every item.