Daily Mix Tape // A Collection of Happy

Daily Mix Tape // A Collection of Happy

As a little ray of daily positivity, we are going to do a daily ‘mixtape’ of things that make us happy. It’s a very odd time. But what is great is that in times of adversity, community and creativity is born. We thought we would give you a little daily ‘mix-tape’ of things to learn, listen, move, make and be inspired by. Hold on tight everyone, as this could be a wonderful time to appreciate all that we have and learn. 



Song : Yo La Tengo – Green Arrow (Click here to listen)

Text:  Grief is a Thing with Feathers by Max Porter. This is quite a dark, yet humorous short story told from the perspective of a crow, a widowed father and his children. Read a review here and source from a lovely local independent bookshop. 

Person: Amelia Earhart 

It all started with a young girl’s plane ride at an air show. From that moment on, Amelia Earhart knew she wanted to be a pilot. Receiving tutelage from Mary Neta Snook, an aviatrix pioneer in her own right, Amelia became the 16th woman ever to receive a pilot’s licence.

Earhart soon shot to fame, breaking multiple speed and altitude records. Before she even had her licence, Amelia flew her biplane ‘The Canary’ to 14,000ft and smashed the women’s altitude record. In 1928, Amelia became the first woman to fly over the Atlantic as a passenger and then in 1932, she was the first woman to make the journey alone. On her final, fateful journey in 1937, Amelia endeavoured to circumnavigate the globe, however, somewhere over the South Pacific, Amelia, her navigator and the plane disappeared without a trace. Theories abound as to what happened, and some would argue that her disappearance has made Amelia’s story all the more intriguing.

Today, Amelia is a symbol of perseverance, freedom and adventurous spirit for women everywhere.

Podcast. The Guilty Feminist - For a thought-provoking, grounding and utterly funny hour get into listening to The Guilty Feminist (On Spotify or listen here)

Recipe. Shakshuka, which is a flavoursome yet simple Persian inspired dish that has a fragrant chopped tomato base and baked eggs on the top. Click here for a great recipe.

Local. Typewronger. You may need a wee book to read in these times of solitude. Typewronger is offering a home delivery service for the city centre / Leith area and we find this the most charming thing. Please support them and find some lovely words to absorb at the same time. Click here to go to their website and more information.

Move. Yoga with Adrianne. For great online yoga classes for all levels, Adrianne is the one to put your faith in. She has extensive classes for free on Youtube. Click here,

Watch. Better Things on BBC. A very funny comedy based on family life. 

Sort. De-clutter your wardrobe. There is no better time to do it. Here is a little guide to help, as sometimes it's helpful to have a game plan. Click here.

Wear. Neul // Neul is one of our new editions to the shop and has charmed the socks off us. Simple, contemporary and quirky. Their cuts are inquisitive and the colours are simply satisfying yet unpredictable. Check them out online here (you won’t be disappointed)

Joke.  What did the fish say when he swam into the wall? Dam