Day Tripping // SS19

Day Tripping // SS19

Sometimes, you just need to wake up, pack a day bag and jump on the train. To take yourself away for a day out of the city or into the city is one of the most refreshing things.

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I did this the other day and it was such a great way to clear my head and (in my case) connect with nature. I went to North Berwick, went for a horse ride on the beach, ate some calamari from The Lobster Shack (the best place on this planet), went for a big walk along the beach and then had coffee at Steampunk. It was utterly delightful and I felt well indulgent (naughty).

But golly gosh, what to take too:

  1. Be prepared for all circumstances
  2. Not be loaded down, so you can spend the day free as a bird

Well this is where I can lend a helping hand. Below I have come up with the best kit for a Scottish summer day (so an outfit full of optimism, but with a plan B in case things take a turn for the worse). So get out your map out, your bag packed and your mind open. See below for our ideal ‘Day Tripping Attire ‘:

Backpack - Penelope Chilvers Mini Leather backpack. The perfect size for all the essentials: 

Trousers / Light Jumper - You Must Create's Sky blue sweater and matching trousers. So comfy, so stylish, so practical. 

Sunglasses - Waiting for the Sun groovy specs. 

Sandals: Penelope Chilvers Alma Sandals. Elegant, yet you can walk all day in them. 

Raincoat - Stutterheim's Ekeby raincoat. Forever reliable and very pack-able.

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