Escape to the Mountains // NEUL AW20

If there is one thing I am sure we can all agree on at the moment, it is a desire to run to the mountains: to the snowy peaks of Saint Anton, Whistler or Hakuba. To feel the crisp air against your skin, the crunch of the snow under foot and a type of light too magical for words. But most importantly, the comfort and indulgence of the Apres Ski. However, let’s be frank, for most of us it is but a pipe dream this year.

Yet, do not despair. We have a collection up our sleeves that is bringing you all the mountain vibes, but with a contemporary twist. The AW20 collection from NEUL has taken the ironic Alpine style and put many twists and turns to the pieces. Creating a collection better than that hot chocolate you have at the top of the mountain.

From playful knits, to turtle-necks with neon wavey hems, eco-leather shirt dresses and tapestry jogging pants. My words do it no justice, so please scroll down and appreciate the imagery for the collection. Check it out online here or come in-store and see it in all its glory.