Festival Kit-Out // AW19

Festival Kit-Out // AW19

We are jumping into the Festival with both feet this year! We are really going to try and get into the spirit, go to lots of shows and soak up the scene.

But, what oh what to wear when you are frolicking around the city? The key is to have two outfits...

Outfit One: A comfy, funky outfit for the day time.

Outfit Two: An elegant, arty outfit for the evening.

When running from show to show, up and down the Edinburgh cobbles, you need something you can move in, has layers (it is certainly going to go from sunny to rainy to windy) and has a slight arty edge. The great thing about the Edinburgh Festival / Fringe is you can go a little bit wild with your style.

Then, after a day of madness, go back home for a pit stop and get into your evening gear. We would go for something with a theatrical twist, but also something that is still pretty practical to deal with the Edinburgh elements.

So below we give you a little run-down of some outfits to make you Festival ready.

It is a bit of a mad time of year, so the below is all in-store only at the moment, however, items will be uploaded online within the next week (promise!). 

Day Time Kit

Best Festival clothing from YMC and Baum at Frontiers Woman

First and third outfits are You Must Create. The middle is Baum und Pferdgarten 


Evening Kit

Best Festival clothing from YMC and Baum at Frontiers Woman

First and third outfits are Paul Smith. The middle is You Must Create. 


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