Ganni // 70's Calling

Guess what’s back and something we are absolutely living for? Some scandalous 70’s threads, but with a slick twist from our much loved GANNI. So, settle down in your wicker armchair, pop some Fleetwood Mac on and keep cosy in your crochet blanket, whilst I talk you through this collection.

Let’s be frank, full on 70’s is marvellous but sometimes abit full on for everyday wear. What we are loving about this collection is that it's a wink to the days of free love, but still has a contemporary thread. Close your eyes and think of oversized, fair-isle design knit polo with flared sleeves and three crystal buttons of dreams. Think of fitted shirts but with oversized collars in leopard and horse prints. Think mini dresses, again with oversized collars in gingham. Maybe you could throw a leopard print sweater vest over that. Or you could pair it with a high waisted heavy denim, knee length skirt with a slit at the front. What we all unanimously agree on is the silk, golden horse print tunic with bow neck is a winner for all.


So, boogie on down to see us or check out the full collection online here.