Guess Who's Back.......

Guess Who's Back.......

And we are back on the road. Yes, we are all getting back into the swing of things after such a topsy-turvey few months. Jane and Kim have been super busy in-store giving it a bit of a make-over. A lick of paint here – new curtains there – lots of work to the garden. The mother ship is at her best and ready to welcome all back in (obviously with all the new precautions in place).

However, Megan and I have just started back after a few months of furlough. If we are honest, we are trying to remember how to hold a conversation, brush our hair and put shoes on. We are joking a little, but both finding coming back to work and seeing everyone as much comfort.

Like all we tried to be productive with our time and keep our peckers up. I (Rosie ) got stuck into the communal garden (which had been a bit of a state). We completely cleared and re-seeded the grass area. I planted a whole load of herbs and flowers, which I am now watching flourish (for now at least). I spent lots of time learning about floristry with my friend Minty. I got on my bike and discovered many corners of Edinburgh I never knew existed. I made loads of new grub and did a TEFL course. 

Megan completed her acting course, which she has been doing for the past year. Well flipping done Meg – we are very proud.  She got crafty, wrote poetry and has now got some pretty impressive muscles !

We also of course listened to load of music (playlist to come), read loads of books and drank a wee bit to much wine. 

Stepping back in the shop we are both indulging in the loveliness of the new collections with fresh eyes. I think its safe to we are both suckers for GANNI. It’s just effortlessly cool, feminine but with a boyish twist. Then Etre Cecile is the epitome of stylish comfort, which we are still being drawn to after months of lounging. Basically, the collections are 110% across the board. I am sure you are also aware but the majority of the shop is on SALE – there is some finds to be found so please do pop in and say hi.