Hitting The Ground Running // 2020

Hitting The Ground Running // 2020

It’s a new flipping decade and we are back on the horse, in the shop and raring to go. We have set our intention for the year and its very simple; Appreciation.  

With all that is occurring, we are just so appreciative of all the people that support our shop. The chats we have with you about nothing or everything. The chance to bring a bit more confidence or sass to whatever it is you may do and possibly providing a small element (through clothes) to a pivotal memory in your life. It’s an absolute joy and words will never do justice how much we appreciate you all.

We are doing away with New Year’s resolutions, for now at least. These coming months are certainly the toughest and having a bit of treat now and again to heighten your spirits is anything but a crime. Have some wine. Get cosy, read a good book and be a bit lazy. It’s all ok. Postpone all the resolutions until at least March.

We are taking the time in these rainy days to plan and ponder 2020. Turns out we have so much to look forward too:

  • New Labels are flying in. Our first reveal is Ganni and we are beyond excited to welcome the brand to the store.
  • Mini makeover – We are going to have a bit of a freshen up with colours and layout of the shop.
  • 2020 buying – It’s always with great excitement that we go into the buying seasons and pull together some gems for the coming season.
  • We are getting a bit ‘techy-er’ with our systems and a website overhaul.

So, there we go. Much to look forward to and much to appreciate in the now. Keep popping your head in as the sale is in full swing, with further markdowns. Also, in the coming weeks, newness is going to trickling in. So, there will be a lot to discover in our four walls.