In the Spirt // Christmas 2020

In the Spirt // Christmas 2020

Well, well it is that time of year again and what comes with that is our most favoritist of evenings. What is that I hear you ask (as it’s certainly not Black Friday). It’s the Christmas window installation evening. It’s a wee bit of a Frontiers family tradition and one which is both exquisitely planned and also beautifully spontaneous. What does it involve ? Well, a little bit input from everyone. Of course the creative eye and narrative of Jane, the thoughtful buying and killer organisation (it’s sometimes like herding cats with us lot ) of Kim and lastly the practicality from Mark * of how to actually execute the concept. 

The spontaneous element comes from  both excitement of the festive season to come and also a few to many glasses of wine – which often lead to a slight diversion from the drawing board. But that always gives the window a little more personality.

So, what is the concept this year. Well, we wanted to create something special, yet not to glitzy with all that is occurring in the world. So, the wee window has drawn inspiration from 50’s Après Ski – with classic cable knits, joggers with a twist, pop-art inspired cashmere and a good dose of mittens, hats and socks.

The big window is inspired by the effortless Christmas day outfit. The one which you can throw on, look great, feel delightful but also have as many mince pies and port as you want. We have dressing to account for big meals down to a fine art here at Frontiers and can give you the green light on the Ganni and Kurt Lyle wonders that feature in the window.

So, there you go. The mothership is ready for Christmas with everything you could ever dream of from cracking stocking fillers through to Christmas outfits. It’s your one-stop-shop of your dreams (you can also pop over to the men’s shop to find some stella stuff).

 So come on in or shop online. (p.s. we are providing complementary gift wrapping, so no stressing about messy parcels) 

** Mark (Jane’s son) has just joined Frontiers full time after working for many moons as Harvey Nichols Event Manager. He is now our Marketing Manager and we are so happy to have him on board.