It is in the Air.

Have you experienced the crisp smell of autumn and rejoiced in your long shadow yet?  We certainly have and are so excited for the months to come - it really is our favourite time of year!  And at this time of year there are three very important things which must be done (we're not kidding): 

  1. Go on long walks and drink coffee out of flasks.
  2. Cook lovely warming soups and casseroles.
  3. Wrap up in our favourite cashmere jumper. THIS IS WHERE WE CAN HELP!!




Yes ladies, we have got some delights hiding within these four walls. Some super cozy, super soft, super warm and super stylish cashmere from Cocoa Cashmere. Honestly, there are few greater joys than being snuggly and also looking great at the same time. So, pop your old timer jumper to one side and come and indulge in the delights of Cocoa.