It's a Look // Finding Your Style

Dressing is such an interesting and individual process. Finding ‘your style’ is an ever-changing process and is universal no matter if you're ‘into fashion’ or not.  So many elements mould your style and create your individual look. That is one of the most humbling things about working in a clothes shop, both learning of people’s journey to find their quirky ways of dressing and also being a small part of developing a person’s style. But what things have influenced us worker ants at Frontiers?


To be honest, I’ve never really thought about how my style has evolved and I’m not great about talking about my own approach to fashion. However, I would say my look is very minimal and I like to keep things simple when it comes to the number of items I have in my wardrobe. I have my own way of putting things together and I am not governed by trends.

I like clean looks which aren’t overthought, but are well made items. The craftsmanship of clothes is really important to me being from a family of designers and also being a knitwear designer myself. My first memory of really being taken with style and how important it is to find your own way of dressing was from my aunt. She was the epitome of London style in 60’s and 70’s; glamourous and plentiful in both the way she dressed and the things she owned. I remember she had drawers of sunglasses, cupboards full of shoes and stacks of jumpers. It was quite mesmerising and I’ve certainly taken from her the importance of buying well made items, but personally for me less is more. My favourite items are sunglasses, coats, boots, knitwear, gorgeous bags and luggage, and beautifully crafted jewellery - albeit simply designed.

Frontiers Woman in Edinburgh


For me the most important thing in the way I dress is comfort, as this gives me the confidence to go about my day from working in the shop, to business trips and being a mom. I do however like to stand out, playing with what is ‘on-trend’ and how this fits into my personal style and wardrobe. The core pieces in my dressing are trainers and contemporary two-piece pyjama sets. The great thing about these two items are you can dress them both up and down, I wore pyjama type suit to a friend’s wedding with some chunky trainers covered in crystals; Equally I can wear those pieces independently when working in the shop. My favourite brand and a huge influence on my style is Baum und Pferdgarten, they use classic shapes but put a contemporary twist on their collections with exaggerated detailing and unique prints. I used to wear a lot of bohemian and retro style clothing, which I can see slight elements of in Baum, however its now a lot more refined and modern. Other key pieces for me are oversized shirts, sporty trousers and a good jumper.

Frontiers Woman | Edinburgh


A big influence for my style is my grandma, music, practicality and humour. Firstly, my Grandma, she is just queen and has taught me that dressing your body-shape over trying to adapt to the cuts that are in fashion is very important. She also taught me that you shouldn’t give a sh*t about being quirky in your dress sense. Just flipping go for it and have fun. You get dressed everyday, so enjoy the process and let it be an expression of self. Music. I bloody love music and it certainly impacts the way I get dressed in the morning depending on who I’m listening to at that time. Practicality, I won’t beat around the bush I’m not the most elegant of humans, I love the outdoor life and I’m usually late (meaning I have to brisk walk a lot) so wearing practical and slightly utilitarian clothes is important. Lastly entwining a little bit of humour or irony is characteristic in the way I dress  from mixing feminine and masculine silhouettes, to groovy socks or clashing prints.

Frontiers Woman | Edinburgh


My style can probably be described as quite minimalist and monochromatic, I tend to wear a fair amount of black, and add in an accent of colour here and there. Silhouette wise at the moment I’m into slightly oversized and looser fits, inspired by Japanese shapes. I also like to mix in some vintage pieces too, like an oversized coat and small, boxy handbag. The (only) plus of autumn having arrived for me is layering and roll-necks! 

Frontiers Woman | Edinburgh