It's Nice That // SS20

It's Nice That // SS20

Amongst all the unsurety in this world, there is one thing we can stand by; The SS20 drops are on fire.

Every collection is as strong as ever and we are floating around the shop in pure contentment. It is quite exciting times, as we have some new brands coming in this season. I’m sure you have heard (as we have been shouting it from the roof tops) that we have GANNI. Did we mention that we have GANNI ? By the way, we have GANNI. So, yeah we have GANNI and it’s just great. Consisting of great prints, classic cuts with twists and lovely materials.

Then we have our second season of Neul. Their summer collection is something sent from both the Hawaiian Gods and the most chic / groovy Parisian Gods. With abstract prints of kissing people, block colouring, wrap around detailing and gingham oversized suits. It’s a lyrical collection, ready for you to dance on mountains, beaches or The Meadows.

LF Markey! Well, well LF Markey they have done it again. Think bohemian oversized, block colouring, abstract collage style prints, simple linen dresses and the ultimate stripy top.

Clarks Originals shoes. The joy with Clarks is they don’t need much describing. You know and trust that they are the comfiest, most classic shoes on the block. You can’t go wrong.

For now I will leave you with this little insight, but there is much more to come. So come on in and say hi.