Ladies. Ladies. Ladies. You know that every day is your day, but today is International Women’s Day and we just want to take a moment to acknowledge that who-ever you are and no matter what you’re up to, your pretty dam great. Doing your thing and trying your best.

Now, I am sure you all have an icon out there and so do we, but from the hearts of our bottoms we take the biggest inspiration and joy from the everyday woman. The little wins and fails of the everyday, but perseverance to embrace what life throws your way with a smile (most of the time). So, this is just a little thank you from us to you for being you.  

Take a moment to treat yourself, eat some cake, drink some wine, go for a walk or buy yourself a little something for the wardrobe. We have just got some amazing new teddy bear fleeces in red and brown from YMC. So cozy, yet so cool. New things are flying in daily, so keep your eyes peeled on the New Arrivals page to stay up-to-date.

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