Last Minute Mission // Christmas Guide

Last Minute Mission // Christmas Guide


Hey you, yes you. You with your head in the sand (that’s us as well). Did you know it’s actually Christmas next week ? We actually can’t believe it. Rumour has it you have to buy people presents and not just eat all their food and drink all their wine. But don’t worry, we have got your back.  We have all the gear to compile the most thoughtful and unique Christmas wonders for the loved ones in your life. So, lets keep it real simple. Our three go to’s are knitwear, a scarf or slippers.  All failsafe options. So, see below our SOS gift guide for all you last minute Christmas warriors.


  1. YMC Beanie Knit - £225 
  2. &Daughter - Rib Cardi - £285
  3. YMC - Daisy Knit - £296




1. Penelope Chilver - Inuit Slipper Grey - £119

2: Penelope Chilver - Sami Slipper - £85

3: Penelope Chilver - Inuit Slipper Grey/Navy - £119


Scarfs / Hats

1: Jo Gordon - Double Sided Scarf - £95

2: Jo Gordon - Stripe PomPom Hat - £75

3. Jo Gordon - Brushed Col.Block Scarf - £145