Living the Life of Lee // Jeans Edit

Living the Life of Lee // Jeans Edit

Who hates jeans shopping? I do, I do, I do. It can literally be such a pain, such an effort and can more often than not be a failed mission to find your perfect fit, wash, style. It is definitely an activity you have to be psyched up for. But, let us help you end your woes, as we have a jeans room bursting at the seams (metaphorically speaking, we will not stand for any bursting seems in our establishment).

What we have found is key to jean success, is just keeping it simple. Sticking with the classic cuts and washes, sometimes adding something a little more adventurous but never straying too far away from the beaten track. We consistently stock Lee jeans as they are just so reliable, flattering, comfy and easy to wash.

The second key to success is two-fold. Firstly, always coming in to try jeans on. The sizing of jeans from style to style is all over the place, making the size you take redundant. Never get hooked up on going up or down, it’s only a number.

The second fold is that we have an in-house genius, she goes by the name of Kim and can analyse your size and taste in a matter of seconds. Knowing the jeans with your name on them is her super-power. Her wisdom is also filtered through to her students, so you are always sure to be in safe hands.

Following these steps will 90% of the time ensure you find a cracking pair of jeans to live in and not die in the process of searching for them. All of the jeans are in-store only (not online), as we encourage everyone to come in and try them on to ensure the best fit and maximum enjoyment.

So, roll on up and get your jeans of a lifetime. We assure you that you won’t go back.

Lee Jeans at Frontiers Woman Edinburgh Shopping