Sounds of Stafford Street // Frontiers Playlist

Sounds of Stafford Street // Frontiers Playlist

Oh music, music. It runs through the veins of all at Frontiers; From our fingertips to our toes. The charm with music, like with clothes is we all find our own rhythm and build a playlist (or wardrobe) symbolic of our journey through life. Each person’s playlist is so diverse and personal. It is embracing of all and indulged in by all. There is not a moment where music isn’t appropriate from times of liberation, heartbreak, mindlessness, mindfulness, happiness, segregation, loss, enlightenment and contentment. It is at times a moment to be shared and at times private. It can make and break an experience. It is a tool which can help mold a person’s emotion and behaviour very powerfully.

This, therefore makes music of huge importance in the shop. The joy about Frontiers is that we all contribute to what is being played. However, what comes with our diverse characters is very diverse music taste. Which brings both moments of bonding, but also moments of quiet pain when for whatever reason the music grinds on your eardrums. But what top tunes float each of our boats at Frontiers. Check it out below and click the links to go to our favourite songs:

Joe's Selection: 



Rosie's Selection: 

Jane's Selection: 

 Kim's Selection: 

Nigel's Selection:

Megan's Selection: