There is no road you could walk down that a Pazuki piece wouldn’t turn heads. Creative Director Pookie Blezard bases her print designs off her own artworks, which is then digitally printed on to the fabrics with high-resolution inks and washed with reverse osmosis filtered water and sun-dried (we are nerding out to that). Quite a process and the end result is one of wonder, only truly experienced with your own peepers.

The most wonderful thing about Pazuki is there is something in the collection for everyone no matter how curvy, straight, conversational, wild, young or old you are. Hand on my heart you will find something that you could treasure. Pookie’s ethos is to:

enable women to feel confident and express themselves as individuals through pattern and colour, with no rules or regulations’


Frontiers Woman Pazuki instore


And this certainly shines through. Another cracking quality about her pieces are the majority are super light and packable, making them great to hit the road.

The good news for you is we have just had a fresh drop of Pazuki and it is all on sale. What more could you want? You will have to come in and say hi, as it is an in-store exclusive.



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