Put A Hat On It // Myssy

There is nothing better than a present from your grandma (biological or chosen). Especially if it’s hand made and full of warmth. That’s why we are so smitten by the knitting of the Myssy hats created by Finnish grannies. From chunky pom pom hats, ultimate beanies and snoods to make you buckle at the knee.

The story behind the brand is what makes them really special. Produced in Poytya, Finland from organically hand-dyed yarn of Finnsheep. It all started when Janne, a former professional windsurfer, took up knitting to keep all his pals heads toastie (of course inspired by a friends beanie knitted by a nanny). After traveling with the winds, Janne and his wife returned home, took over the family farm, brought a flock of Finnsheep and things went from strength to strength. It got to a point where there was only thing left to do, get the help of the local grannies to help produce the knitted treasures. The rest is history….

You might not be getting your chance to hit the slopes this season, however there is nothing better than snuggling into Myssy creations on your own turf. Check them out online here or come in and say hi.