Soak Your Bones // Wild Swimming

Soak Your Bones // Wild Swimming

It’s technically summer here in Scotland and as part of our resilient spirit that means a dip in the sea is a must.

‘Oh’  that sounds nippy I hear you say’; I can confirm it is.

However, is there anything better than feeling the sand between your toes, that first wave of water over your feet, the sharpness of the cold as you dive in or the feeling of contentment when your floating in the ocean looking up to the sky. It’s the smell of the salt, the changing light, the methodical sound of the waves. It’s the feeling of lightness. The vastness of the ocean, being absorbed into your own insignificance. The moment looking into the horizon, thinking, or dreaming, wrapped in your towel.

There is never a bad moment for a swim. It is guaranteed revitalisation in times of happiness, sadness, confusion, or anxiety. No matter your mood or state of mind a swim is always a certain. A place where memories are made for all ages.

The Frontiers family are all avid swimmers and we thought we would give you a little run down of a favourite spots.

1. Arrsaig Beach - West coast of Scotland 


2. Gullane Beach - Scotland (near Edinburgh)


3. Yellowcraig Beach - Scotland (Near Edinburgh)

4. Bamburgh - Northumberland  


5. Treyarnon Bay - Cornwall