Spotlight Series: Folk

The name, Folk, implies something democratic, for everyone.
We make for customers who have confidence in themselves, who enjoy clothes, appreciate design & embrace life...
 Started as a menswear label in 2002, Folk have maintained an aesthetic path that lies between streetwear and the architect-designer. Heavily influenced by indie music, they have been at the forefront of the British design scene, collaborating with partners such as Daniel Johnston, The Modern House, Anthony Burrill, and the The Architectural Association.
Since launching their women's line in 2012, they have focused energy in responsible sourcing and sustainable manufacture, whilst maintaining their fastidious approach to details, simple patterns, quality, and textures.
"We are at an important moment of garment design & development with the blurring of seasons & gender and a growing demand for originality. Fortunately these considerations have always been at the heart of Folks design process."
- Cathal McAteer, Founder & Creative Director
“We don’t try to be mainstream. We’re niche – it’s all about the small things” says Cathal. “We don’t go to the button shop. We take care of every single detail ourselves: we never compromise. The thing we come back to quite a lot is to have more than you show. We like things to be instantly recognisable, without a label or a brand on them. Everything is in the details – and in the hidden details, the textures and fabrics too. Some people might say we care way too much, or waste too much time doing these things, but we think this finishes pieces off in a way that makes us satisfied with the garment. It just happens to be how I like to do things, you know?”
For their Autumn/Winter 21 collection, Folk take us on an outdoors-inspired journey through texture, light and colour.
We are happiest in the in-between spaces: junctions between land and sea, and it's here we set our new season adventure.

With strong interest in collage and reassembly, the design team have taken this concept of intersecting, overlapping, patchworking to a new level with garments featuring panelling, embroidery and subtle contrast textures throughout.

Choose from a rich Autumnal palette of deep navy, fern, tan and oxblood with accents of mineral tones of blue, green & thistle.