Strapping Ya'self in

It’s April and it’s still feels like mid-winter. But here at Frontiers for better or worse we are forever the optimists and praying for hotter temperatures and longer days. This feels a little hopeful, so maybe it’s a safer bet to seek some sun in foreign lands.

New House of Holland x Grenson Collaboration

Either way, we will find these summer temperatures somehow. And what better thing to wear than the seriously, seriously cool House of Holland x Grenson sandals. They are not only unspeakably hip, but also the comfiest things you can imagine. They are ‘THE’ sandal for the summer and somehow go with everything (maybe it's black magic), it's weirdly true. So, get set for summer and strap yourself into these little crackers.

Click Here >> to view our online selection or pop in-store to see the full range.House of Holland have collaborated with Grenson for Spring Summer 19