The Joys of Etre Cecile

The Joys of Etre Cecile

Oh, Etre Cecile, you have done it again! They really do have our hearts here at Frontiers, not only due to their collections having a real skip-in there step, with designs so vibrant and easy wearing, they are also a pretty funny bunch!

But how so, I hear you call. I am sure you are well acquainted with their tongue in cheek slogans, what you might not be so familiar with is the words and stories they created alongside collections. It is pure gold! I have literally been in stitches reading their latest press release for Pre-Fall 2019 (I know we haven’t even had summer yet, but I assure you it’s merely a name and the items are definitely what you need for the Scottish summer). I was going to try and pretend the words were my own, but no, no, no that seems criminal. It needs to be in its purest form and straight from the horse’s mouth to have the real effect. So below I have attached their words for your enjoyment... 

For Pre-Fall 19 the Cecile girl is ever-present and conscious of the world around her, living mindfully, consuming organically and moving freely. She is in touch with her circadian rhythm, rising with the sun and sleeping with the moon, spending her weekends doing kundalini and perusing the farmers market for organic produce before catching up with friends in a local wine bar cum beer garden.

Her conversations are loaded with concern, a desire to do more, to consume less and to think deeply, to connect with nature and to nurture the environment, to be present in the moment. With a free spirit and an authentic hope for the future, the Etre Cecile woman is doing her bit for the world.

With the globe in the mind, Etre Cecile continues to think carefully about production. Styles are designed and developed in-house by an all-female team based in Hackney, London, taking inspiration from the surrounding Cecile community. Ideas are brought to life in a luxury print house in Italy and manufactured in Portugal, operating solely within Europe helps to keep carbon emissions down and supply chains as transparent as possible. Cecile are looking into more sustainable options for the future, in the meantime, they have developed an organic cotton for PF19.

Prints are vibrant but fresh, with a brush of French nostalgia, a common thread from season to season. The new range of lifestyle sportswear includes both swim and bike shorts to accompany an expansion in ready-towear elements, reviving old classics such as the Denim Stars capsule and introducing new silhouettes like the Hawaiian shirt, wrap dress and chequered short suit.

This season, Etre Cecile are capturing the woman with authentic an ambition, who believes small changes can have big effects.

Etre Cecile At Frontiers Woman


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