The Older Yorker goes to New York

The Older Yorker goes to New York

I went to the Big Apple this week and discovered many wonderful things. I thought I would give you a bit of a run down on my findings.

Soho in Manhattan is the bomb. This is where I stayed. It is full of great easy living cafés, fantastic shops and great bars. You can meander the streets and discover many charms. Also, the people watching here is 10/10, you just need a good book and to perch yourself in a café.

It was a rainy day and we went to MoMa. This, as you would expect was a not only a space full of fantastic and thought provoking exhibitions but also a very interesting building. I would say it’s a place to go on a ‘not so good weather day’ but it is $25, which is ‘normal’ over there but none the less pretty expensive.

Book of Mormon – A very well produced show, however it is very close to the line being co-written by one of the South Park writers. It is extremely controversial and offensive humour about the obscurity of evangelical Mormon missionaries. Go in being prepared to be shocked and you will have a whale of a time.

Brooklyn – A must stop shop ! Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, check out the skyline (incredible), go for coffee at one of the numerous hipster coffee shops, check out some art galleries, browse a flea market and drink all the cocktails. Go live that life !

Times Square – Hmm, I would say go to confirm to yourself that (in my opinion) it pretty rubbish ! I came away thinking it was dirty, smaller than anticipated, dated, too busy and too commercial.

Up State – Get yourself to upstate NY and go to Storm King. It is an epic scale sculpture park, set in beautiful grounds. There is also an abundance of great walking trails. Also, here you will find the real home-town diners which are a must to experience.

New Jersey – The home of Yale University (and featured a lot in Gilmore Girls). A very interesting and historic city, with a wonderful and FREEEEEE university owned art museum. It is huge and has a very well curated selection of exhibitions…its also quiet !

So all in all, it was a cracking trip hoping across the pond. If you ever get the opportunity definitely go!!


Rosie Bailey

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