The Return of the Birken-Sock

Birken-sock Haiku

Nothing warms my heart,

Like a groovy woovy sock,

With grandad sandals.

No words will ever do justice for my love of socks. When I spot a great sock / shoe, or even better, sock / sandal combination, it brings me the most joy. You may be a sceptic, but the disapproval of socks and sandals is a thing of the past. It is now time to embrace the outrageous, so go against the grain a little and whip those socks out. Lucky for you we are the queens of funky socks here at Frontiers - girl you have come to the right place.

We provide a safe space to find the sock groove of your dreams, from Bonne Maison artist inspired designs, to the classic Folk waffle socks in a range of delicious colours, the YMC x Corgi funky walking socks and the Neul block colour boot socks.  

Socks at Frontiers Woman

The great thing about socks is they are an inexpensive way to lift an outfit and make it your own. They are a great talking point. They bring a smile to peoples faces, but most importantly they keep your tootsies toastie. So, jump on the bandwagon and begin your journey of sock discovery. Bring your trotters down to the shop and join the sock gang (socks to be added to the website over the next week).

Socks at Frontiers Woman