The Survival Guide // January

The Survival Guide // January

January, will it ever end. Has it ever not been January ? We are uncertain, but what we are certain about is the need to keep your pecker up in this long month. But what ways is one to do this ? Well, we have put together a ‘Get me through January’ survival guide.


  • Go and get your nails done. I know it’s a little extravagant, however it does make you feel a little bit renewed, plus you don’t have to think about painting your claws for a month (which for me is a huge bonus). We love Buff in the Arches. 
  • Create a zen, cozy space with moody lighting, a good candle and some chill tunes. At the moment we are loving Lui Mufuta
  • Cook. I mean you should cook all the time, but make some nice warming grub like ramen or a big bowl of dirty pasta.
  • Grab yourself some sale finds. This is where we can really lend a helping hand. Scroll down below for some of our favourite picks or pop in to find some real gems.


 1: &Daughter Rib Card - Was £285 now £185 

2: &Daughter Fintra Purple - Was £295 now £195


 1: LF Markey Alexandre Dress - Was £140 now £70

 2: LF Markey Joe Dress - Was £180 now £90



1: Neul Shirt Dress - Was £269 now £139 
2: Neul Cross Muffler Sweater - Was £189 now £89




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