The Yin and the Yang // AW Collections

The Yin and the Yang // AW Collections

At Frontiers we don’t give much of a toot about what's ‘trending’ and only wearable for one season. We are more about non-seasonal dressing and finding lovely items that suit you and are stylish. BUT… there are two very distinctive characteristics in the collections this Autumn / Winter and they're a bit polar in styles. A little Yin and Yang.  

The first is the very classic, minimal look with a bit of Scandinavian and Japanese feel. All made from beautiful materials and in very scrumptious autumnal colours. Just keeping it simple (brought to you by Folk, Sideline and YMC).

The second is to throw all of the above out of the window and just flipping go for it. Just go for it! Get all of those prints, textures and decades. Wear them all at the same time and just look really brill. Go on girl (brought to you by Baum Und Pferdgarten, Etre Cecile and Paul Smith).

So what’s it going to be ? The Yin or the Yang ?