Don’t sit on that fence. Take the plunge and really say something with the clothes you wear! House of Holland are screaming this from the roof tops of Manchester (home of Henry Holland founder of HoH).

And we can certainly vouch that their collection is ‘proper cracking’. I mean, it really is exquisite with a bit of grit thrown in (we all love a bit of grit). 

From there new romantic tartan tailored jacket, to the tartan tapered trousers, tartan wrap mini skirt, denim ‘tape’ mini skirt, mom jeans with tape effect and an array of slogan tees and hoodies. And we are also pretty chuffed to have the king of all winter boots in from HoH in collaboration with Grenson. It’s a no brainer that these hiking boots are the ultimate everything.

So, get decked out in a few statement pieces. Pieces with classic roots, but with a few edges attached.