Words and Worms

Words and Worms

There is nothing better for us Frontiers folk than curling up on the sofa with a few words. Jumping into alternate worlds and checking out of reality. It does require the luxury of time, but let's be frank, recently we have had a fair bit of that. I can say that we have made the most of these hours and indulged ourselves with the words of the greats, the contemporary, the obscure and the factual. We thought we would give you a quick rundown of our personal favourites.



Mythical, whimsical and detective books are the ones for me. My all-time favourite is Phillip Pullmans, His Dark Materials (Northern Lights) Trilogy. I have also read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy time and time again. It never fails to capture me with its darkness. If I am in need of some light relief, I will pick up any of Roald Dahl's books – Matilda is my favourite.


My favourite book on the bookshelf at the moment is Ram Dass, Be Here Now. His wisdom and words always ground me. I am more of a non-fiction, spiritual-based reader.


A few of my favourites are Any Human Heart by William Boyd. It is such a brilliant journey of Logan Mountstuart. I love it along with many of his books. Four Letters of love by Niall Williams is such an atmospheric book as well. Of course, Lord of the Flies is a book everyone needs to read.


Being a Mum I don’t have much time to sit down with books. I do love flicking through magazines such as ID, Aesthetica and Boom Saloon. I am also discovering the joys of children’s fiction again (but adults should obviously continue to read them – they are great) such as any of Roald Dahl's stories, Alice in Wonderland and The Chronicles of Narnia.