Zoomed Out // Zoom In

Zoomed Out // Zoom In

Zooming around but feeling like you’re going no-where? We know how it is and have a few remedies to give yourself some much needed rest-bite from the screen. Cure those blue-light blues with our 5 step-plan: One which we actually think you will like !!

  1. Go for an autumnal walk, through Princess Street Gardens, down to Dean Village, up Arthur and end with a splash at Portobello. Soak up the crisp air, let the cobwebs be blown away and appreciate all the autumnal colours.
  1. Book yourself a trim, the salons we are loving at the moment are Stag (for the grooviest cuts, best coffee and 11 / 10 chat) or Bruce Macefield for the slickest trim in toon.


  1. Mozey down to 27 Elliott’s for the scummiest of lunches – Go and eat it in the Meadows – People watch. What more could you want? Maybe some great wine for the evening and some new homewares? Nae bother pal, go and check out 27 Elliott’s sister general store just a few doors down from the café.
  1. Get yourself some lovely new garms. Nothing feels better than a little bit of new, when at the moment things can be feeling a wee bit stale. Not wanting to toot ones own trumpet (but here we go), our  collections this year are the best they have ever been. It’s no lie:  from quality everyday staples with a bit of a twist, through to something with a bit more punch. Swing by on your travels and have a float around our store. Or check out our New Arrivals here.
  1. Get yourself some LA Bruket treats for an evening of pampering. Soak your bones and wash away your woes with the best botanical products on the market. Nothing beats a bit of aromatherapy. Get them online here or pop in-store. We know you are no fool, but a gentle reminder to grab that wine you just got and go live the best life you so deserve.


So bish – bash – bosh that’s our prescription for those times suffering from Covid collateral damage. Come by and say hi, we always love seeing your masked-up smiles.


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