Rachel Comey – It’s how you feel

Rachel Comey is a New York-based clothing brand started by its namesake and founder in 2001. With over 20 years on the scene, the brand continues to go from strength to strength. Starting in artistic fields after graduating university, Comey first made moves into the fashion world with the creation of a novelty underwear line, before moving into wider freelance styling and design work. It didn’t take long for people to notice Comey, and within a few years her pieces found their way to David Bowie, who wore one of her hand-painted shirts to an appearance on the David Letterman show! Since then, Comey has gained many notable acolytes, including Michelle Obama, Tracee Ellis Ross, Dakota Johnson, Rashida Jones, and Lady Gaga.

Comey is known for her incredible work ethic and trend-setting artistic expression but more than anything, for being a designer that truly understands her customers. She puts a lot of thought into what the wearer is doing, where they are going, how they want to feel and how she can facilitate this through her designs and fabrics. She doesn’t make clothes to make people look ‘younger’ or whatever it is that social media tells us we should look these days. She makes clothes that can fit into and enhance our lifestyles - a uniform for the modern woman.

Her designs are interesting, chic, creative and deliberate - they are an expression of intelligence, success and individuality without ever being elitist - just a touch of glamour, but not at the expense of comfort or wearability. If you’ve ever tried on Rachel Comey denim - you’ll know all about this. Comey’s designs are made with everybody in mind, and a belief that how the wearer feels in a garment is a fundamental part of how good they look; that getting dressed can be a real expression of a person, bringing not only them joy, but also those around them.

As a direct result of all of this, some of our newest arrivals found homes as soon as we unpacked them. However we still have many statement and staple Rachel Comey pieces for you to discover; including plenty of the most flattering denim, beautiful costume jewellery, totes from the collaboration with famous visual artist Joan Jonas, and a crowd favourite - the Rachel Comey sweatshirt - which we now have in three different shapes and multiple colourways!

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