To Be // Etre Cecile Resort

Hey, it’s Christmas. We feel like we can officially say this now. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas.

And what  is Christmas  all  about, well so many things but most importantly family, friends, slowing down and dressing up. And guess what, we can help you out with a couple of those things, as a new bundle of Etre Cecile has  arrived and they have it covered. From the most festive, metallic pastel coloured mini skirt, stripy floaty silk skirt with matching top, crisp white shirts, sporty yet smart A-line skirts and the best lounge wear you have seen in all your life. You would be so cosy, yet so groovy in their sweaters and track pants (plus you can eat all the mince pies and drink all the  port with not  a care in the  world). So, get all eventualities covered  in the gifts of Etre Cecile. Oh, also they would make great gifts if you are a bit stuck.